USM & Maine Law

Spearheaded by the Students for Environmental Awareness & Sustainability, The University of Southern Maine (USM) divestment coalition started in the fall semester of 2012 and kicked off the system wide campaign.  The coalition incorporates three different campuses in USM (Portland, Gorham, and Lewiston) along with the University of Maine School of Law.

Climate change threatens the University of Southern Maine’s survival as an institution.  Reports from the Natural Resource Council of Maine predict that rises in sea level will cause Back Bay to flood.  These floodwaters will go right up to the University’s Portland campus and wash away the surrounding neighborhoods.  The divestment coalition is calling on the University of Maine System Board of Trustees to consider the threat that climate change poses to the University of Southern Maine when they think about their responsibility for the University and how it invests its money.

Want to get involved?  Students for Environmental Awareness & Sustainability (SEAS) is currently planning out a weekly meeting time for the Fall 2013 semester.  Click here to indicate what time works for you!

Contact Information:

Shaun Carland– Portland & Lewiston-Auburn Campuses, UMaine School of Law

Maeve Wood– Gorham Campus