From the Climate Change Institute to the Forest Bi-Product Research Institute,  The University of Maine is a global leader in Sustainability Solution Initiatives.  Despite this, the University endowment holds publicly traded fossil fuel investments in its portfolio.  Flagship Universities, like the University of Maine, exist as investments in the future for their students and their state. Yet, while investing in our future, the University of Maine simultaneously invests its money in corporations that threaten the future of all life on the planet.

Students from the University of Maine’s Green Team hope to help change this.

The University of Maine at Orono has a long history of student activism.  UMO Students conducted numerous demonstrations and protests of the USA’s involvement in the Vietnam War.  The Maine Peace Action Committee ran a successful campaign that lead to the divestment of the University of Maine System’s endowments from companies that conducted business in South Africa in protest of Apartheid in 1983.

We are excited to engage in the next chapter of student activism as we take on the world’s largest force: the fossil fuel industry.  We invite you to join us!

Contact People:

  • Samantha Perez (samantha.perez@umit.maine.edu)
  • Karen Marysdaughter (karenmd@myfairpoint.net)

Coalition Meeting Time/Location: To Be Determined…